Age adequate design for creative children

Nothing can beat the moment when your child utters its first words saying „mama“ or „dada“ and you will surely never ever forget this very special occasion. These precious moments represent an important step in infant language development. Up to that point in time your child has only imitated simple sounds, but from now on he or she will learn words and understand their respective meanings. Our body and mind will never stop changing as long as we live. Life is a dynamic process with challenges we must meet in order to develop further. Thus, life also implies learning – and during this learning process we acquire more and more differentiated psychological structures.

Each stage of life embraces more or less characteristic developmental effects. However, the learning processes experienced in our first years of life are very fast and elementary with a decisive impact on the development of our personality.

Once you are aware of the developmental challenges that lie ahead and need to be mastered by your child, you will be able to support his or her enthusiastic learning efforts by providing adequate games and materials.