Faber-Castell’s positive carbon footprint

The Faber-Castell Group systematically records greenhouse gas emissions in order to identify potential areas of optimisation. These records are especially important as a means of increasing the use of renewable energy and objectively measuring the positive impact of the company’s tree plantations. In 2010/11, Faber-Castell decided to engage the help of external experts to measure climate-relevant data at all its production sites worldwide. In collaboration with an external institute, the company measured its overall carbon footprint in accordance with the latest standards and scientific insights.

Emissions were analysed and calculated in accordance with the corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative, otherwise known as the GHG Protocol. This internationally recognised protocol defines three different scopes for greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 to 3).

The new climate study, calculating the greenhouse gas emissions of the Faber-Castell Group, was carried out for the years 2009/10 and 2010/11. All relevant emissions produced by the production sites were documented in accordance with the guidelines for calculating a carbon footprint. Furthermore, emissions produced by goods transport and business travel were also measured – a more comprehensive study will be carried out in future reporting cycles as the calculation is of high complexity.