Forestry project in Brazil

Wood is a vitally important resource for Faber-Castell. As the world’s biggest single producer of wood-cased pencils, Faber-Castell needs up to 150,000 tons of wood every year. Ensuring a secure and planet-friendly supply of this resource is a strategically important objective and one of the biggest future challenges facing the company. It was for this reason that, almost three decades ago, Faber-Castell initiated a unique wood supply programme in Prata, in the state of Minas Gerais in south-eastern Brazil.

Approximately 10,000 hectares of wasteland, over 2,000 km away from the Amazonian rainforest, were planted with millions of seedlings of Pinus caribaea – a tree species that flourishes in the dry, sandy soil of the Brazilian savannah. In this way, Faber-Castell grows about 20 cubic metres of wood every hour.