Children’s Book Illustration


“I draw on white and coloured paper and cardboard and sometimes use white pastel crayons or oil-based pastel crayons. This adds particular depths to the drawings.”

“I have been drawing for as long as I have been able to hold a pen. Drawing isn’t an activity for me, but a state of being – one of the best.”

Sophie Schmid illustrates and writes children’s books that offer an extraordinary reading and visual experience thanks to their humorous selection of scenes, astonishing variety of technique as well as their distinctive characters.

Sophie Schmid

  • Born in Munich, Germany
  • Studied at Fachhochschule Munich (University of Applied Sciences), Germany
    Degree in Communication Design
  • Studied at the Academy of Arts in Munich, Germany
    Degree in Free Painting and Graphic Art
  • Lecturer at various art academies
  • Writer and illustrator of children’s books