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Connector paint box 24 colours + brush (#125029)

The CONNECTOR Paint Box has been named the product of the year 2012 by the pro-k association for its innovative creative design and outstanding functionality: The paint pots can be individually combined, and thereby help children to learn about colours through play. The brilliant colours have high coverage and can be perfectly mixed, making them ideally suited for all techniques and uses in school and at home.
  • Bright, high-coverage paints with very high opacity
  • Ideal for all painting and mixing techniques
  • Includes tube of opaque white, paintbrush slot and name panel
  • Remove Connector paint pots and combine creatively, e.g. as a colour circle, fantasy figures or shapes
  • Practical lid: Mix colours in the white mixing tray and check you have the right colour by testing it on the transparent area
  • Removable lid, easy to clean
  • all 24 paints and opaque white can be purchased individually
  • Inclusive 1 brush