Watercolour pencil Art Grip Aquarelle tin of 60 (#114260)

Art GRIP Aquarelle watercolour pencils are fully watersoluble: Apply a wet paintbrush and create fabulous watercolour effects on any motif or pattern composed with Art GRIP Aquarelle pencils. They are ideal for precise drawing and superior to standard watercolour paints that come in tubes or pans and tend to dry out or leave unwanted stains or marks on your paper. No matter whether you are working on bright, coloured or dark papers - the high level of pigments will bring your creative ideas to life!
  • Fully watersoluble colours for unsurpassed watercolour effects
  • For strong and brilliant results
  • Soft vibrant colour laydown and high break-resistance
  • Ergonomic triangular shape for tireless writing
  • Ideal for amateur artists, students and at work
  • Protected against lead breakage by the SV bonding process
  • Available as individual pencils or in various assorted sets
White, Cream, Light yellow glaze, Cadmium yellow hell, Cadmium yellow, Dark cadmium yellow, Dark chrome yellow, Cadmium orange, Dark cadmium orange, Light cadmium red, Scarlet red, Pale geranium lake, Permanent carmine, Magenta, Rose carmine, Fuchsia, Middle purple pink, Light magenta, Crimson, Light violet, Purple violet, Blue violet, Delft blue, Helioblue-reddish, Cobalt blue, Light ultramarine, Cobalt blue-greenish, Middle phthalo blue, Light phthalo blue, Light blue, Helio turquoise, Cobalt turquoise, Light cobalt turquoise, Cobalt green, Deep cobalt green, Emerald green, Light phthalo green, Grass green, Permanent green olive, Olive green yellowish, Earth green yellowish, Earth green, Indian red, Dark flesh, Medium flesh, Light flesh, Sanguine, Burnt ochre, Light yellow ochre, Naples yellow, Van Dyck brown, Dark sepia, Warm grey IV, Warm grey I, Cold grey I, Cold grey V, Cold grey VI, Black, Silver, Gold
Environmental awareness
  • Eco Pencil

    Wood from certified sustainable forestry.