The foldable CLIC & GO water cup and the unique CLIC & GO brushes

The unique CLIC&GO brushes and foldable CLIC&GO water cup complement this paint box ideally.

The wavy edge of this water cup makes an ideal brush rest to help keep your workspace clean. Once you’re done with painting, simply fold the cup for easy storage.

The moveable grip can be slid down for transport to protect both round and flat brushes.



... CLIC&GO water cup and CLIC&GO brushes are going on a journey!








Connector paint box - the lid

Use the inside of the lid as a practical mixing palette. Mix colours in the white section. The transparent section is useful if you want to mix colours to match background colours or colour samples, as shown in the sunflower example. Once you’re done, the lid can be easily washed clean with water.