Support for local farmers

1561 hectares of woodland

In the north of Colombia, in the El Magdalena region where the land has been spoiled by excessive animal husbandry, 67 farmers are currently planting and looking after 1561 hectares of woodland as a source of timber for Faber-Castell. They provided part of their land that had previously been used mainly for grazing cattle; they now get an assured monthly income in return for taking care of the trees. The species planted is Gmelina arborea, commonly known as “Melina”, a quick-growing deciduous tree that originally came from Asia and is particularly suitable for making pencils. The trunks attain a girth of 20 to 25 cm after seven years; after felling the farmers receive 30% of the proceeds from the timber.

"I am very pleased that we can offer the farmers long-term prospects and create jobs in a region marked by severe unemployment."

Count A.W. von Faber-Castell (Chairman, Faber-Castell Group of Companies)