Social commitment

"In our modern times it is particularly important to maintain one’s humanity and uphold the values first established by Lothar von Faber all those years ago, because these values are the strengths of our family business.”
(Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell)

In March 2000, Faber-Castell and trade union IG Metall signed the globally valid Faber-Castell Social Charter. The charter sets out Faber-Castell’s commitment to uphold, throughout the international group of companies, the employment and working conditions recommended by the International Labour Organization (ILO).


The Faber-Castell Social Charter at a glance:

  • Employment is voluntary and can be chosen freely
  • No discrimination in employment
  • No Child Labour
  • Respect for the right of freedom of association and free collective bargaining
  • Decent wages
  • No excessive working hours
  • Safety at work and decent working conditions
  • Conditions of employment are defined

An independent commission (company representatives, international labour union representatives, workers‘ council representatives) conduct local audits on a regular basis to monitor adherence to social standards.

In 2008, the Faber-Castell Social Charter has been extended to suppliers in collaboration with BWI (Building and Woodworkers International) and IG Metall.

It is the objective of Faber-Castell to only co-operate with contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers who themselves recognise and implement the standards and recommendations.