Faber-Castell Singapore


Faber-Castell entered Singapore with the establishment of A. W. Faber-Castell (S) Pte Ltd on the 23rd of March, in the year 2000. Singapore being a central business hub in the Asia-Pac region, served to be the perfect location to cater to markets in and around the Indochina region; besides Singapore, these markets include Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.


The Faber-Castell brand has consistently been attributed with high quality and reliability in Singapore; testimony to such associations is the fact that Faber-Castell has won the Singapore Super Brands award and several other accolades consecutively ever since it was established.



A.W. Faber-Castell (S) Pte Ltd


A. W. Faber-Castell (S) Pte Ltd

18 Tannery Lane

#02-01/02 Lian Tong Building

Singapore 347780


Phone : (65) 6745 0318

Fax : (65) 6745 6218 

Email : info@faber-castell.com.sg